Gomer’s Theme

I’ve begun delving into the guts of my second novel and this song keeps echoing in the back of my memory so I played it. And I played it again. And Again.

The song is called Gomer’s Theme by Third Day from their album, “Conspiracy No. 5.” Listen here. The song is a retelling from the book of Hosea (chapter’s 1-3) of Hosea’s marriage to Gomer, an unfaithful wife that he ceaselessly forgave of adultery while loving her unconditionally. This was to be a parallel to God’s undying faithfulness to Israel (or us). You can read a summary here or delve into the scriptures for yourself here.

Not to make this into some awkward and impromptu Bible study, but my point for posting this is to demonstrate that true love involves forgiveness. Again and again. And while we may feel like fools when we are the ones doing the forgiving, we’ll (with maturity and God’s leading) find that we a more receptive to receive love when we aren’t hindered by bitterness or the past.

PIOUS, which will be released on October1, is thematically about forgiveness on many levels and illustrates how even forgiving ourselves is necessary to move forward and truly live the life that we are meant to live.