What’s your Twenty?

What’s your twenty?” is CB radio slang for asking “Where are you?” Today, my eldest son turns 20 and that’s a significant question for him as he delves into the eve of adulthood.

graduation 2012

On May 26, 2012, my eldest son and namesake, Kenn II, graduated from Campbell High School. I’m a little late in sharing, but here are a few pics of him on his day.

Pious, a commercial

For AP Lit class, my son had to produce a commercial of one of the novels that he read this school year. Without any coaching or assistance from me, he chose Pious as his subject.

eighteen years ago

18 years ago on January 19, 1994, I was a brand new Dad to a drooling, yellow-faced, tiny-toed little boy. My namesake was both a blessing and another chance to get it right. Before he was old enough to do much more than eat and poop and cry (sometimes in that order), he taught me something extraordinary – how to love unconditionally.

who is kenn bivins 2?

I’m quite proud of my eldest son, Kenn II, who has begun blogging with his photography, words and the heart of a young revolutionary who knows no bounds.

stay hungry. stay foolish.

On October 5, we lost the Thomas Edison of our time, Steve Jobs. He brought us the Apple computer, the iPod and the iPhone, among countless other innovations. There has been a vast amount of media coverage of his life and impact on our culture and among the clips, I’ve been introduced to a 2005 Stanford University commencement address where he talked about connecting the dots, love, love and death.

While every one of us can glean some wisdom and encouragement from this speech, this post is intended specifically for my 17-year old son, Kenn II. As he prepares for the next chapter of his life with college, I want him to consider and digest every word of Steve Job’s Stanford U commencement speech. I want him to stay hungry. I want him to stay foolish.