My name is Kenn Bivins and if you’d like to try something NEW and exciting, my first novel, Pious, is for you. But be warned – it’s explosive – a perilous package that, if opened, seems innocuous at first. An assuring caress is, without warning, followed by a concussive punch.

Pious, a commercial

For AP Lit class, my son had to produce a commercial of one of the novels that he read this school year. Without any coaching or assistance from me, he chose Pious as his subject.

one year later

Pious was released one year ago and I, Kenn Bivins, was an unknown name in the literary field. There were no assurances to potential readers that my debut novel was worth their dime or time. Dozens of glowing reviews, book club features, top novel lists and a year later, one could say that Pious has done quite well in leading my foray into telling stories with words.

how’s the book doing? – a thank you

Last night, I attended a Christmas Holiday party with former co-workers and one glaring and consistent greeting that I got was, “How’s the book doing?” The book in question is my debut novel, PIOUS, which was widely released October 1.

$4.99 for the whole PI

PIOUS is now available for immediate download to your eReader (Kindle, nook, iPad, etc.) for only $4.99! You could be reading my breakout novel in minutes and seeing for yourself what all of the acclaim is about. And all for about the price of a cup of a grandé soy caramel macchiato dusted with cinnamon. Mmmmm – PIOUS.

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