recess recession

Recess and lunch – those are the two sweet words of my youth. The kid in me still looks forward to both. The adult in me looks forward to some relief from this recession that everyone on Wall Street is saying is over while everyone on My Street is still feeling.

what the Stimulus Bill has for everyday Americans

If you’re like most Americans (and Congress), you haven’t read the 1071 page Stimulus Bill that President Obama is likely to sign early this week. This will impact our future for the next three or more generations, people! Insomnia forced me to read through a good bit myself but here is a quick look for those who don’t want to have to filter through all of the stuff that has nothing to do with “change you can believe in.” Read What The Stimulus Bill Has For Everyday Americans and tell me what you think.

kenn bivins

happy MLK day

May you all continue to agitate and effect change by moving beyond just dreaming.

Obama visits King

a few November 5 newspapers

A lot of you rushed out and bought newspapers on November 5, 2008 to commemorate the historic day of Barack Obama winning the office of President of the United States. Here are a few scans of those newspapers. You’ll need something like Adobe Reader to be able to view them. Enjoy…

Austin American Statesman
Boston Globe
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Hartford Courant
Los Angeles Times
Times Picayune
USA Today
WallStreet Journal
Washington Post