since 1970 (an open letter to my friends)

Dearest and beloved, it’s been a matter of busied hours and circumstance for which I have not been able to communicate as succinct as I would have preferred, but inevitable destiny abounds as this transmission reaches you now. Know this. Your existence coupled with your presence means a lot to me. Your availability and support humble me. You mean more than you can know and I’m thankful you are here.

God is nearer

I wake up. The sun winks at me. The birds have already begun rehearsing for their concert later. It will be glorious.

week in review – an open letter

This past week started like most work weeks as of late for me – busy and challenging. Coming off of the high of getting a nice bit of writing on my novel done the previous weekend, I was ready for whatever the week had to offer. I was convinced that this week’s demands couldn’t be as bad as last week. I was kind of wrong.

I had yet another court appearance to make in reference to a bus accident I was involved in last year. I was hit from behind and charged with improper passing. There was no way I was taking responsibility for this matter when I was following the law. I challenged the charge and the city bounced me from court date to court date until they finally threw it out on Wednesday. An encouraging victory amidst a mentally and physically challenging work week. I mean really – who works 20 hours in one day? Me – sadly. My 40 hour work week was 72 and it ended last night at 10pm.

I have been too tired to say thank you to my friends and co-workers for the support, attention, letters, and love this week. I was too dazed to praise my manager, Keith for being one to go down with the ship with his crew. Or too achy to let James know that his brain power makes my brain hurt but I’m blessed and fortunate that he’s there. I was too distracted tell my sons that I’ve missed them or to thank Lara, Camille, Rhonda, Missy, and Gally for their much appreciated presence or congratulate Shawn on his new house.

Let me just say that I am appreciative of all of you – named and otherwise. I look forward to warmer weather and lighter workloads and hanging out with you all again soon. I love you all despite my absence of late.

ceaseless. kenn.

happy MLK day

May you all continue to agitate and effect change by moving beyond just dreaming.

Obama visits King

i’m through with white girls

A provocative statement that borders on racist? Yes. A catalyst for an honest discussions on interracial dating? Yes. A quirky, funny, hidden gem of a movie that instantly became one of my faves. Absolutely!

I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) is an independent, high-quality, low-budget film about a black, “underacchieving” nerd who decides that in order to have better success at dating, he will stop white dating girls, whom he tends toward for reasons that I will not spoil here. He ends up falling for a “Half-rican Canadian” who is just as unusual as he and soon realizes that his failures at dating have more to do with him than with the women he chooses. The sequence that chronicles his online dating encounters are worth the price of admission alone.

I’m not a movie reviewer but I really loved this movie so I had to tell you about it. Go rent or buy the DVD (yes, it’s worth buying) and let me know what you think.

Jay and Catherine

kick rocks, 2008

2008 has been a year of revolution for me. I don’t think I have experienced as much clarity of life as I have this year. This December 31, 2008, I am reflective in a myriad of ways. Celebratory while sad, reminiscent while looking ahead, mournful while hopeful, and excited while nervous.

I won’t join the mass bloggers making top 10 lists and whatnot. What I will do is say thank you to all of you who have seen some obscure reason to read my words and thoughts in 2008. I am deeply appreciative for each and every one of you. I hope that something that I shared was as encouraging to you as your participation (both public and private) was to me.

I have grown immensely as a man and as a father. I have made many mistakes and learned a lot about relationships – healthy and otherwise. I have seen hello almost as much as I have dreaded goodbye. I have witnessed a revolution as I have been given to want to be a part of that revolution.

2009 looms with so much hope and the unexpected as many of my friends and family and fellow Americans are jobless or near homeless. I join you in petitioning God to not forget us. I join you in thankfulness. I join you in glaring hope.

Kick rocks, 2008.

Welcome, 2009.

a few November 5 newspapers

A lot of you rushed out and bought newspapers on November 5, 2008 to commemorate the historic day of Barack Obama winning the office of President of the United States. Here are a few scans of those newspapers. You’ll need something like Adobe Reader to be able to view them. Enjoy…

Austin American Statesman
Boston Globe
Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune
Hartford Courant
Los Angeles Times
Times Picayune
USA Today
WallStreet Journal
Washington Post