adulation for Spencer

Congratulations and adulation for Spencer, my 12-year old, who received awards for “Exceptional Academics” and “Team Participation” from his middle school basketball team, the Spartans.

Don’t stop, get it get it, Spencer. Dad is so very proud of you.

we’re baaaa-aack

we're baaaa-aack

Actually it’s mostly me, Kenn, who is back from the nether-reaches of real life but my ever loyal sidekicks are never far behind.

I’m back to frequent (at least 3 times a week) blogging so I look forward to our exchanges. My novel, PIOUS, will be coming out pretty soon and I have some very exciting things to share leading up to that experience. Cover art, release date, and book website to be revealed soon.

you are the sauce beneath my wings

This past work week had “crummy” scrawled all over it but I was looking forward to the reward of hanging out with my sons at week’s end. Circumstances beyond my reach aborted those plans but I still had an opportunity to share lunch with them on Saturday at this small little spot in Austell called Ruchda (pronounced roosh-dah) Wings. Pictured below, you can see that Kenn 2.0 was more than excited to get out of the house and Spencer dug deep in his wallet to pay. Not.

rich spencer and excited kenn

Love you, Spencer and Kenn. You are the sauce beneath my wings 🙂