first day of Fall

I love the Fall. Don’t believe me? Just read this piece and this one here and then my first post ever here.

It’s the first day of Fall and the aftermath of a great flood which was the result of over a week of torrential and non-stop rain. I’ve often wondered why the sun seems to shine brighter after a great and traumatic storm. The sky reflects a blue that is almost pure enough to see God. Maybe there is some great life lesson and reflection of praise in there somewhere. Maybe.

I love the Fall.

first day of Fallkenn

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  1. Ditto on fall. This season makes me miss the weather up north and the change in the landscape.

    I remember “Meet me in Fall”, it was one of the first poems you shared with me.

    I can vouch for the beauty that follows a great storm. Right after Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the weather was so perfect. Everyone came out of their homes to survey the damage and walk the neighborhood. There is something to be said of the calm after the storm.


  2. God created the spiritual laws, but he also created the natural laws( at least that’s my belief) and I think we can learn a lot about ourselves by looking to nature. What are storms? Tumult and chaos and fear. Why is the sky more vivid after? Maybe as with ourselves the storms of life help us to see more clearly and have deeper insight into our person, maybe after natural storms God is shining the light toward hope and peace and love.

    OMG! Monday though it was overcast and threatened rain all morning I felt compelled to go to the
    park and hang with my bff’s and was totally rewarded! Not a human in sight and the foliage and animals were taking over the joint. Lol.

    I love the Fall.

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