What’s your Twenty?

What’s your twenty?” is CB radio slang for asking “Where are you?” Today, my eldest son turns 20 and that’s a significant question for him as he delves into the eve of adulthood.

common hours

As we nudge in the direction of our purpose, dreams and endeavors, unimaginable success is likely to come during the common hours.


fight with a purpose and certainty, for you will surely have to fight.

your thoughts become you

your thoughts inevitably become your destiny. what you choose, what you think, what you do – becomes you.

critical phase of renewal

you’re in that critical phase of renewal – that phase where you must guard your thoughts against discouragement or giving up. continue to be renewed.

don’t lose heart

though you may toil and labor many days and seem to yield nothing, don’t lose heart. roots to the trees that will soon yield fruit, as a result of your efforts, are growing… even now.

in grace anyway

…but respond in grace anyway.

never outside

despite our inability to comprehend or explain, we are never outside the grace of God.

made to stand out

more valuable and lasting than being popular is to be consistent within your specific purpose. stop trying to fit in when you were created to stand out.

that’s what faith is

walk right up to the edge of your circumstance, close your eyes, see the bright red sparks of possibility dancing beneath your lids, feel God’s presence, whisper a prayer to Him… and leap. that’s what faith is.


wisdom. that’s what I want.

small things well

before you do a great thing, do the small things well.

the main thing

the Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing.

number 1

you have to be odd to be number 1.


she offered me hope
but all I got was smoke
and mirrors, I suppose
reflected truth all along

no one to blame but me
my fault, no receipt
nice jersey, wrong team
I should watch what I believe

smoke got in my eye
ash got in my eye


Bedside or roadside, life ebbs then subsides
Bleeding from inside, drivers all just pass by

Yesterday or previous, part of some great ‘what was’
Vultures circle up above, ashes to ashes then dust

Newborn to carrion, I mourn while I tarry some
While life ends and new pretends, I will carry on.

dawn of night

Look both ways before you cross the street
Don’t drop your left and move your feet
Mind your elders, your ma’ams and sirs
Always fear God, nice guys finish first