Abundance brings me thankfulness
While famine brings me shame
Or abundance makes me forget that
I ever called on God by name.


My name is Kenn Bivins and if you’d like to try something NEW and exciting, my first novel, Pious, is for you. But be warned – it’s explosive – a perilous package that, if opened, seems innocuous at first. An assuring caress is, without warning, followed by a concussive punch.

on the 30th of movember

30 days of no shaving in the name of raising funds for Movember have almost passed. Thank you to all of those who have supported my hair growing efforts thus far. It’s not too late to donate as little as $1.

I moustache you something

Starting November 1, I will start with a clean-shaven palate as I grow, groom, trim and wax my way into the annals of fine moustachery – all in the spirit of raising funds by seeking sponsorship for my Mo-growing efforts. Will you sponsor me? Please?

labor-less day

For as long as I can remember, I’ve spent Labor Day doing much less than labor. It’s a day of relaxing as far as I’m concerned.

leafless tree

A leafless tree affected by carbon monoxide can be full of leaves if only people walked more and drove less.

lady, better

“Bitch, bad. Woman, good. Lady, better. They misunderstood.” Lupe Fiasco says it all and kills it on this one.

before Breaking Bad

Long before they were bleeding from the gray areas of fate to the dark recesses of bad, the stars of AMC’s Breaking Bad were portrayed in lesser roles of ‘badness’ earlier in their careers. Take a look at the stars before the meth.

show up

If I had to theorize what a man has to do to become a great dad, I would say that all that he has to do is show up.

Now don’t misunderstand me. There are many intricacies, complexities and responsibilities to parenting that I don’t intend to minimize with that statement. But how many games, how many recitals, how many parent-teacher conferences, how many little kids faces would be forever changed if more dads would just show up? Sometimes the solution is just that simple.

father or dad?

There are glaring differences between the titles of father and dad. Father indicates an official, biological or ceremonial title. Dad, on the other hand, indicates a level of intimacy that breaches tradition and is a living, breathing part of an interactive relationship. With dad, I envision a little kid napping in his dad’s lap.