25 things I want you to know

I guess I can say that I’m a professional dad at this point, considering that my eldest child is 29 and my youngest is almost 25. Well into their own adulthood, I’ve seen them reflect and echo much of what I’ve taught them through the years. Here are some of those things..

  1. always get there early
  2. show people who you are
  3. ask too many questions
  4. talk to God daily
  5. frame big decisions with, “Will this matter next year? In five years?”
  6. sometimes, baby steps
  7. it’s okay to not have all the answers
  8. forgive
  9. take responsibility for your words, actions and the outcome they affect
  10. show up
  11. crying with someone is better than healing alone
  12. treat her like a queen, even if she isn’t
  13. choose life every day
  14. however good or bad the situation is, it will always change
  15. be a light
  16. over prepare, then go with the flow
  17. God loves you because of who God is,
    not because of anything that you’ve done or didn’t do
  18. don’t apologize for who you are
  19. save some
  20. life doesn’t come in fancy wrapping, but it’s still a gift
  21. don’t be too prideful to ask for help
  22. fight with a purpose and certainty, for you will surely have to fight
  23. before you do great things, do the small things well
  24. celebrate yourself
  25. stay curious