99 things

  1. I was born June 1.
  2. My middle name is Christopher and my oldest nephew is named after me.
  3. I have never been hospitalized (discounting emergency room visits)
  4. I donate blood regularly.
  5. I am 6’1″
  6. Sometimes I feel short because I always envisioned myself at 6’4″
  7. I learned to read at age three from comic books.
  8. I learned to draw by tracing from comic books.
  9. One of my favorite books is Richard Wright’s Native Son.
  10. Another one of my favorite books is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  11. I have a blood type of O positive.
  12. I don’t listen to music on the radio.
  13. But I love music and seem to prefer artists you seldom, if at all, hear on the radio.
  14. I get migraine headaches on occasion.
  15. I was extremely shy as a child.
  16. I am now both an introvert and extrovert.
  17. I have died in my dreams several times.
  18. I am studying Spanish and desire to be fluent in it as a second language.
  19. I am a Christian while at the same time I am not religious.
  20. If you understand the previous statement, I have great deal of respect for you.
  21. I am currently working on the outlines for my next three novels.
  22. I don’t like cold food. Everything has to be at least room temp.
  23. I don’t watch TV programming but I love Netflix and its vast array of optional viewing.
  24. I watch movies with the subtitles on.
  25. I have over 6,000 comic books, mostly from childhood and my early 20’s.
  26. I don’t like cooking.
  27. I have never been arrested.
  28. I have never tried illegal drugs.
  29. I love smoothies. Mine are better than the store-bought/made ones.
  30. I love playing basketball and football even though I’m not great at either.
  31. I lost first place in a spelling B in elementary school to the word “balloon.”
  32. My favorite toy as a child was a stuffed rabbit named Foo Foo.
  33. My first job ever was busting oysters in the back of a kitchen in a seafood restaurant.
  34. I don’t like oysters.
  35. I am a divorced parent.
  36. From that previous marriage, I have two sons whom I love dearly.
  37. I love Boston Terriers.
  38. I want one sometimes.
  39. I also love Blue Great Danes.
  40. I think I’m hilarious. I laugh at most of my jokes.
  41. The ones I don’t laugh at are “refurbished” at a later time.
  42. I’m not afraid of heights.
  43. I painted billboards for an ad agency after college. It was my first art job.
  44. As a child, I collected live animals from the wild.
  45. My mother would find them by accident – often times with much screaming and calling upon God.
  46. I don’t think the label “African-American” refers to me since I am not a direct descendant of Africa.
  47. But I am an American of Negro heritage of which I’m proud of.
  48. I also pride myself on knowing tons of useless bits about different things.
  49. I drink coffee for functional reasons only.
  50. I usually mask the taste in cream and sugar.
  51. I usually stay up too late.
  52. I am not a “morning person.”
  53. The Wire is my favorite television show of all time.
  54. Breaking Bad is another fave.
  55. My favorite comic book superhero was always Spider-Man.
  56. I don’t eat pork.
  57. I hate the smell of beef so I don’t eat it often.
  58. I love seafood despite the sometimes fishy smell.
  59. I write the most when I feel detached.
  60. I draw the most when I feel like I belong.
  61. I love the Fall.
  62. I don’t care too much for falling
  63. Unless I’m playing football
  64. Then I fall in style.
  65. I don’t like talking on the phone for long lengths of time. Unless I really really am engaged.
  66. I prefer face-to-face interaction.
  67. I don’t care for the company of pretentious people.
  68. I don’t have a favorite color.
  69. I have never taken any formal training as an artist.
  70. My aptitude for self-teaching is pretty high so I’m always learning new skills.
  71. I’m an avid runner.
  72. I run more for the mental escape than the exercise.
  73. Some of my favorite musicians are Ben Harper,
  74. Switchfoot,
  75. Marvin Gaye,
  76. The Roots,
  77. and Nina Simone.
  78. My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. Secretly, it’s Kennsday.
  79. My nickname as a second and third-grader was Kennypig because I had a guinea pig.
  80. He was my first pet and his name was Clark.
  81. My have two sisters – one older by 4 years and one younger by 4 years.
  82. I like cheesecake.
  83. I’m lactose intolerant, which can make that whole ‘cheesecake admiration’ problematic.
  84. I don’t like sleeping.
  85. I love my job.
  86. One of my favorite writers is Richard Wright.
  87. My alter ego is Nnek Snivib.
  88. I don’t like writing in cursive.
  89. I’m non-partisan.
  90. I am a registered and active voter. I’ve been since I was old enough to vote.
  91. I’m not a big fan of sweets but once a blue moon Krispy Kremes call my name.
  92. People-watching with a pencil and sketch tablet is one of my favorite pastimes.
  93. I tend to be very neat.
  94. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you saw my closet though.
  95. I can wiggle my ears.
  96. I love love love sushi.
  97. I tend to get distracted easily.
  98. Completing this list is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a long time.
  99. But I also like to finish what I start.
  100. I can be a sarcastic overachiever at times    🙂