a Study Guide of 21

Spencer, the youngest of my two sons, turned 21 today. Two things spring to mind in that reflection.

One: I’m becoming quite seasoned. Two: I’m quite proud of the man he’s become.

In honor of him officially entering adulthood, I released two books today that are a collection of wisdom and lessons gleaned from being a parent and dad-figure. The series is entitled 39 Lessons.

These two books, 39 Lessons for Girls and 39 Lessons for Boys, are for both parents and children (as young as 6-years old) to enjoy.

The following is a bonus list of lessons that I include in the books that are actually an open letter to Spencer. Enjoy!

1. You are beautiful.

2. Love yourself.

3. Talk to God daily.

4. Ask too many questions.

5. It’s okay to not have all the answers.

6. Some times, baby steps.

7. Choose life everyday.

8. Life doesn’t come in fancy wrapping,
but it’s still a gift.

9. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.

10. Don’t apologize for who you are.

11. Frame decisions with, “Will this matter tomorrow? In five years?”

12. Do what you say.

13. However good or bad the situation is,
it will/always/change.

14. Don’t rush it. Unless you’re racing.

15. Your body isn’t who you are.
Your character is.

16. Stop overthinking.

17. Crying with someone is better than healing alone.

18. Nothing lasts forever.

19. Before you do great things, do the small things well.

20. God loves you because of who God is,
not because of anything that you’ve done or didn’t do.

21. Stay curious.

The 39 Lessons book series is now available at amazon.com or wherever fine books are sold.

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