69 a-muses

Random muses on things that I love about myself…

  1. I’m the father I always wanted
  2. My smile
  3. My proven ability to self-educate
  4. My God-gift to draw
  5. My God-gift to write
  6. My God-gift of discernment
  7. My fast metabolism
  8. My body shape
  9. My locs My fro
  10. My faith
  11. My eyebrows
  12. My shoulders
  13. My feet
  14. My lips
  15. My ability to adapt
  16. My stride when I run
  17. My swagger three hours after I run
  18. I have a soundtrack in my head for different events
  19. And non-events.
  20. I am defined by many cultures
  21. I have an appetite for new words.
  22. There is more to me than what people see.
  23. Layers…
  24. Like sedimentry rock
  25. Or onions.
  26. I love SO many types of music
  27. I’m not materialistic
  28. Or impressed with people’s fame.
  29. I am impressed with people’s hearts.
  30. My understated style
  31. My posture
  32. My creativity
  33. My quiet sensuality
  34. My quieter charisma
  35. My awesome sense of humor
  36. My calm in traumatic situations
  37. My dimples
  38. My loyalty
  39. My love of the simple things
  40. I’m not defined by any brand
  41. My table manners
  42. My curiosity
  43. My aptitude to learn
  44. My ability to forgive
  45. My compassion for people
  46. I love hard
  47. I am jack-of-all-trades
  48. And a master of some
  49. I care
  50. I’m never bored
  51. I say “sir” and “ma’am” to my elders
  52. My constant musing
  53. My dancing while cleaning my home
  54. My discernment
  55. I can be very mature
  56. And can also be immature (which is more fun sometimes)
  57. The contents on my ipod playlist don’t reveal my age,
  58. ethnicity,
  59. or geographic region.
  60. I am good with money
  61. I am good without money
  62. I’m not pretentious
  63. My neatness
  64. My punctuality
  65. Secretly I’m a good cook
  66. My influence on people
  67. My wit
  68. I can be wrong
  69. I like me