flashback 1998 – a Black History moment

I came across this old ad with Spencer and I for the obstetrician who supervised the birth of both of he and his brother. Funny and such a lifetime ago.

old Gynecology ad

stealing the Steelers

This warehouse is down the street from me and I never noticed the “familiarity” of the logo until today. So my sons, their friend, and I couldn’t resist making it a Nikon moment. GO STEELERS!!

stealing the Steelers

the Bivins' plus one

yes we kenn

Now 15 years old is the one who bears my full name.
Hard to believe that this little dude is not a little dude anymore
And though his hair adds an extra two inches to his vertical claim,
He will most likely and quite soon exceed his dad’s 6’1″ frame.

I love you and am so proud of you, Kenn 2.0.

two kenn's