blue lady, red lips

Nothing more random than a marker-doodle from a corner page of my sketchbook.

unborn chicken voices in my head

This was a small scribble in my sketchbook that just looks eerie when I look at it now. I love it. Can you hear the voices too?

baby baby

not sure why the baby is upside down or why I’m doodling babies but…

sketching Kirby

Jack Kirby sketch

I was reading an interview on the early years of Jack Kirby, the artist and co-creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, and a host of other comic book legends. Since I have a tendency to doodle as I read, talk, or work, I figured I would start sharing those distractions with you here. These are by no means complete works of art. They are instead line ramblings and doodles. Enjoy the deviation.

Jack Kirby sketch