Where my jiggas and darkies at?
Imma ’bout to drop the verse
Bend over limp dick monkeys
And feel my terse until it hurts
Got the snub nose to yo’ flat nose
Don’t care if it brings the po pos
I hate who you reflect
And Imma ’bout to make yo’ toes cold
My momma was a moolingnon
My grandpa was a yoyo
Strange fruit swingin’ like the hate I’m bringin’
Southside set of J Crow

Step wrong, mammy spook
You better come heavy ’round the waist
Lookin’ at me sideways?
You jemimas bout to get a taste
You don’t wanna roll up on me
Else this sawed off kiss yo’ face
This Bigger’s furnace run so deep
That the po po won’t find a trace
House monkeys stay the porch
Real monkeys run the vine
Zulu mammies can’t hang with this
Sellout crispies don’t know the time

Where my spades and jungle bunnies?
I glorify the fiend
I am every desired flavor
While you the black, unwanted jellybean
Got love for my mammies and jemimas though
Got something to make them cream
Ain’t like them zulu tar babies
I done went and made a new team
My brother was a jigaboo
My sister went off to school
She forgot where she came from
She forgot she a fool…

Coons howl at the moon dancing with a broom while a silhouette plays the spoons
Broadcast Emasculation Tragedy signs fools for tunes less forty silvers and a mule.