Abundance brings me thankfulness
While famine brings me shame
Or abundance makes me forget that
I ever called on God by name.

one little Christmas tree

When I was a little boy around this time of year, the Christmas tree would ignite my little imagination with hope and anticipation of what Christmas morning might bring. The air was filled with smells of my mom’s cooking and the sounds of Motown Christmas songs. One song, in particular, was my favorite. I begged my mom to play it over and over again. It was “One Little Christmas Tree” by Stevie Wonder. I felt akin to that little tree – tiny and small.

the truth about L-tryptophan

Our word for the day: L-tryptophan (ell-trip-toe-fan).

It’s the supposed active ingredient in turkey that makes you feel sleepy and sluggish after that big Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Some like to refer to this post-meal drowsiness as the ‘itis.’ Well, the fact is that L-tryptophan is not the culprit of your feelings of grogginess, sleepiness and sudden exhaustion.