Lies I’ve heard
From the start…

“Not that smart,
Ain’t got heart,
Plays no part,
Slow to start,
Below the chart,
Dull-eyed dart,
Unexpected fart,
Empty cart,

Progress in park,
Stopping start,
In the dark,
Just a lark,
Can’t make the mark,
No grave for Clark,
Reality stark,
Mewing bark.”

What’s that?!

Who’s that?

I can’t hear you.
They can’t hear you.
We can’t hear you

Now start


Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

4 thoughts on “lies”

  1. eterne says:

    Lies…how does one sift through all that is said about us for good or bad to get at a clear true picture of self.

    Hark! Your inner self screaming out to be known.

    Progress in ‘park’
    I love, love that…many times in our lives there appears to be stagnation when so much ‘activity’ is going on under the surface.

    The recurring theme of stopping and dying and starting over and rebirth.
    All the passion that is pouring forth from you…I am stunned.

  2. meekha says:

    I agree, eterne! Kenn, you are really doing it. Your choice of word arrangement and the flow and meaning behind every word.

    I love it, love it, love it, love it, and I relate to it.

  3. kenn says:

    Thanks, meek and tiff

    By the way, the reference to Clark was my pet guinea pig who died when I was a child. I buried him in the yard by the back porch but a harsh flooding rain uncovered the shallow grave that I buried him in. Curiosity as I dug a deeper hole caused me to look inside to discover insects and maggots where my poor Clark once was. I was emotionally destroyed as this was my first lesson in death. I didn’t want the maggots and insects to “hurt” Clark’s body so I rinsed what remained of him with the water hose and put him in the trash can instead.

    Hey! I was 8. It made sense at the time.

  4. meekha says:

    Interesting and kind of cute.

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