17 reasons

Kenneth Christopher Bivins II

Today, January 19, 2011, my namesake and beloved son turns 17 so it’s only appropriate that I list 17 reasons as to why Kenneth Christopher Bivins II is so awesome. This is by no means, a comprehensive list of why he’s so awesome.

  1. He’s a natural leader
    He has charisma and charm and people seem to be naturally drawn to him.
  2. He rocks his own style
    Unlike most teenagers, he’s not afraid to blaze his own trail in the way of fashion statements.
  3. He has a great smile
    I’ve had a camera trained on him since he was a baby so he’s not shy when it comes to smiling.
  4. He loves to laugh
    His laughter is infectious. You can’t help but laugh at him laughing at some corny joke that he just can’t seem to tell in its entirety without breaking into laughter.
  5. He’s super-smart
    He’s one of the most inquisitive kids I know and like his dad, he boasts a lot of information about some of everything.
  6. He’s talented
    Armed with a great eye for photography and design, this kid is going places in the world of things that are aesthetically pleasing.
  7. He’s versatile
    He can switch from speaking like a well-read, honor student to spitting slang like a run-of-the-mill-trash-talking-hood-teen and then switch it back just like that.
  8. He’s quiet
    He knows when to sit back, listen, and watch.
  9. He’s loud
    He knows when to crank it up and be heard.
  10. He’s good looking
    How could he NOT be. The kid’s got good genes and good hygeine.
  11. He’s positive
    He’s a glass-is-half-full kind of guy. And even when he’s not, he’s still a who-took-my-half-full-glass kind of guy.
  12. He’s a giver
    He’s not self-centered like a lot of boys his age. I have learned about compassion just by watching him interact with those around him.
  13. He’s patient
  14. He has a heart
    While he’s no “punk,” he’s not afraid to show his sensitive side toward and around others. He’s not afraid to be human.
  15. He’s an awesome dancer
    He’s able to move like a dancing spaghetti noodle personified. The kid’s got no bones.
  16. He’s imperfect
    He’s always growing in the light that God made him imperfect and he’s comfortable with who he is in that realization.
  17. He’s does a great Kenneth Christopher Bivins II impression
    There is no one like him nor will there ever be.

Happy Birthday, Kenn. Dad loves you and is very proud to call you son.

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  1. Suraya says:

    Too sweet!!! Feliz Compleanos!!!

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