and for the next 30 days…

In honor of my recent birthday, I bought myself a shiny new bicycle earlier this week. It’s a Gary Fisher Kaitai to be specific. Starting Tuesday, June 17 and for the next 30 days I will be commuting to work with the aid of my KaiTai and Atlanta’s own MARTA train. The trek is 10 miles one way but the purpose of this experiment is to see if I can make it on one tank of gas for the month. I’ll keep you posted.

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6 thoughts on “and for the next 30 days…”

  1. Sunflower&Apostrophes says:

    You can duEET!!

  2. tasha says:

    i cant wait to read ur results. i know you can do it. its very encouraging. i need to dust off my bike and get with it.

  3. meek says:

    Haha.. too cute. I need to do the same.

  4. ksolo says:

    nice arms.



  5. tiff says:

    I rarely rant, she says as she climbs upon her soapbox, a billion people now buying cars in
    China, another billion in India consuming more oil, Nigerians acting out thier rage by burning
    oil fields, the dollar’s value tied to oil levels, Europeans who pay the equivalent of $10 a
    gallon for gas…umm can we say gas prices are never going down. Off shore drilling that won’t
    affect gas prices for at least 10 years won’t do it, all we can do is focus on solar energy and
    consume LESS. We americans are going to have to accept a lowered standard of living…which is a good thing.

    Bravo Kenn. Oops bye bye suv…i have dreams of mini coopers at night. lol.

  6. kenn says:

    The answer is an alternative to oil. God willing, my next car will not run on petroleum solely.

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