cleaning day

our souls are narrow unless God has entered, upon our asking Him to.


the only distance between yourself and the God of the universe is that which you impose. #gentlereminder #godisnear


squint out the details and trivial things until all that you see is the important. now start painting the beautiful picture that is your vivid and intended life.


despite your lying tongue; despite your angry mouth; despite your addiction; despite your doubt; despite all that makes you imperfect, you’ve been forgiven and set free by grace.

hidden things

there is a great liberation in being honest with God. when my head is cleared of hidden things, my soul feels less burdened.

conquer yourself

you can’t conquer mountains, but you can conquer yourself. be slow to speak, while hastening to listen.

what’s coming next

forget what’s gone.
appreciate what still remains.
look forward to what’s coming next.

what undergirds you

though you may be unsettled, remember what undergirds you. if you think you have no such faith, know that you’ve had it all along. you were born with it. maybe you just haven’t been using it. God is near.

brilliant torch

though life is but a brief candle, burn as brightly as a brilliant torch.

step back

step back and see the picture and all of its colors, beyond the dab of gray where you may be standing right now.