big libraries or big TVs

“Rich people have big libraries. Poor people have big TVs.” – Dan S. Kennedy, author and entrepreneur

What a loaded and inciting statement, right? Not that I’m co-signing to say that rich people can’t have big TVs or that poor people can’t have big libraries. I came across this statement not too long ago and it was stark enough for me to ponder the truths there.

While Kennedy was likely speaking in terms of money, riches and poverty can be a state of mind, too. At least, that’s how I interpret the statement. What are your thoughts or opinions?

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2 thoughts on “big libraries or big TVs”

  1. Suraya says:

    I dont think the quote represents a literal observation of how people are in terms of rich or poor. But I do think Mr. Kennedy is saying that the state of minds that people have now a days is completely erred. (maybe not a great word choice). But pretty much what people consider to be rich is more or less defined by possessions instead of mental stimulation. How many actors/musicians etc go broke after attaining millions? Why? Not because they were packing their heads with the education to prevent themselves from losing the money they now posses but instead they were spending frivolously purchasing “things” to show the world how “rich” they were. People would prefer to show their richness in possessions meaning big t.v’s rather than show their wealth in pursuing something more that cant be seen. I see this way too much within the black community. Women are sitting on top of a ton of debt just to have a Louis to prove to the world that they have money. Quite sad.

    1. kenn says:

      This quote isn’t literal or comprehensive at all. I know of plenty of people who are wealthy and smart who have big TVs just as I know of plenty people who don’t have much money and are smart who have a lot of books on a bookshelf (or Kindle). The surface impression of the statement is what snagged me though. It’s all about a state of mind.

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