boy meets God

Once upon a time there was a young boy whose name was… well… let’s see
To protect the innocent, we’ll address young Kenn discreet and anonymously
So this shy, young boy who lacked no love grew up in a loveless town
Shy though spry with a detailed eye his imagination knew no bounds
Then teenage years and the furlough of tears and more than his share of rage
Young boy departed from Nadine and pristine to work where sin offered wage
Of Shakespearean tragedy or a life less than raggedy, boy succumbed to be spent
Not Allah nor Buddah nor Vishnu nor Gouda could clarify at all what it meant
Near ending his zeal, boy cried to ceiling for a purpose or some hint of reason
Then a fit of pure Grace and a Love apt for lace gave fruit to seeds planted out of season
Intellectually revealed, God showed boy His will and how Jesus was more than a cross
How He suffered then died and is now living inside and with Spirit he’d never be lost
Hallelujahs and praise and bent knees for days and walking together in rain
Then sudden or slow or how I don’t know but boy experienced a dim change…

Boy didn’t call half as much or want to be touched or trust that God could allay his fear
And the forbidden thought of taking hold of another came close where it never came near
Duplicitous and ambiguous and suddenly conspicuous, this accord an inconsistent haze
No engrossed studying His missives or echoes of praise or covenant of sun-filled days

Who was this boy? This Jekyll and Hyde? This Jesus on his skin yet someone else inside?
Mirror mirror on the wall please do confide, He’s not Clark Kent so one of them must die

I… no… he… no… boy… no… you see… this story, my story, like rain… grace and peace
Forgiveness and a funeral dirge has become this boy’s recurring theme. Continued to be…

© 2006 kenn bivins

boy meets Godkenn

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