Breast Cancer Aware

My name is Kenn and I love women’s breasts. But what is way more important than a few ounces (or pounds, for some) of fat and tissue, is the woman herself. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, while I’m a guy and this seems like an unlikely place to read about “women’s issues”, several women very close to me, including family members, have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of them have proven to be victors in the face of this horrible disease, while a few lost the fight.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that proliferates in the breast tissue. That malignant tumor is actually a mass of cancerous cells that spread into and overcome surrounding tissue and may even travel to distant areas of the body. Contrary to what some believe, it isn’t the most common cause of death among women. Heart disease is the number one cause of death among women age 40 and above, followed by stroke, lung cancer, and lung diseases. Breast cancer ranks as the fifth leading cause of death among women but that doesn’t make it any less threatening of an adversary.

Early detection is the key at significantly increasing a woman’s chance of surviving breast cancer. A mammogram, or X-ray of the breast, is the most accurate test that doctors have to detect breast cancer early, sometimes up to three years before it can be felt. Women, you can get screened at your next annual doctor visit, a clinic or hospital. If exam cost is an issue, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. believes in saving lives through early detection and to providing mammograms for those in need. Their mission includes increasing awareness through education, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and providing nurturing support services.

My name is Kenn and I love women’s breasts and the women who wear them. Be well, women. But more importantly, please be.

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5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Aware”

  1. Kim Robinson says:

    Awwww, Thanks Kenn for sharing , I love my lil Tats Tats and I’m doing everything in my power to prevent the deadly disease. Keep providing us ladies with your positive insight on Life.

  2. Katina Ferguson says:

    Way to open and close the piece (lol). Great message though. 🙂

    1. kenn says:

      Can’t blame a guy for being a guy. Thanks!

  3. Joede says:

    Kenn, as a breast cancer survivor, this was refreshing to read…It’s nice to see some men who realize this is a deadly disease and not something to poo-poo.

  4. Suraya says:

    Love this!!!! HELLO LADY!!!

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