consummate turn

It’s been well past a month since I initiated the simple experiment of parking my car and biking it as much as I could for one month. My fuel budget of the past two months had found it’s way rising well beyond the $225 mark (thank you, Mr. President).

Well, I am happy to report that I only spent $102.16 on fuel for the past 30 days. I have also discovered a new love with cycling and and an alternative exercise. I experience more of my world and my day this way and will continue to bike as often as I am able for the rest of the year.

What is consummate turn, you may ask? Simply, what is complete has now come to a revolution or a turn. I’m doing it all over again. Because I liked it. Anyone want to join me?

drag coefficient

16 days into my 30-day experiment and I’ve discovered a newfound passion for cycling, an alternative to coffee, an aversion/attraction to train commuters, and about $100 in unused fuel funds thus far. I’m quite certain that I will continue this alternative design of transportation for as long as the weather permits. I’ll post real numbers on how much I’ve saved at the end of the original 30 days. Stay tuned.

and for the next 30 days…

In honor of my recent birthday, I bought myself a shiny new bicycle earlier this week. It’s a Gary Fisher Kaitai to be specific. Starting Tuesday, June 17 and for the next 30 days I will be commuting to work with the aid of my KaiTai and Atlanta’s own MARTA train. The trek is 10 miles one way but the purpose of this experiment is to see if I can make it on one tank of gas for the month. I’ll keep you posted.

happy birthday, sam

She do not like green eggs and ham
She do like granola and vegetarian spam
Great talent in 3D God attributed to her
A mature immaturity and a dog named Gir
Hailing for Detroit but it’s not all her fault
Happy Birthday, Samara. Tip you glass of gluten-free, flax seed, soy-laden malt.

Check out Samara’s skills at her website and wish her happy 30. Welcome to MY decade, young’un. Now life REALLY starts.

i love you today… and tomorrow

Know that I loved you yesterday though there is no aftertaste of chocolate or dullness of a hangover. Know that I don’t conform to empty traditions and postures and thank you for accepting me in this. Know that I don’t need a day or excuse or floating filament to attest to my sentiment.

Above all, know that I loved you yesterday. I love you today. And I’ll love you tomorrow, my Friends. Have a bright one.

happy DO year!!

Time to get busy and show the world what kenn8ivins is made of (besides snails and puppy dog tails).