color therapy

I stuck my hand in a thorn bush
To follow what was free
Then painted a pretty picture
With the color that would bleed

I sat on the doctor’s couch
And he said to stay in the lines
I told him he was ash to me
My colors won’t be confined

My offspring are as promises
Pigments in rich oil
My imagination, she always sits with me
Through calmness and through toil

People see all my colors
And they often do assume
That a rainbow would seem pale near me
But they’re so far from the truth

Color brings and freedom rings
And hope is a fragile seed
Ask not for whom the bell tolls
The bell, it tolls for “we”

This chromatic facade that alludes to God
In tints and hues alike
I complete the “we” and we water the seed
And the seed is filled with life

I stuck my hand in a thorn bush
Screaming, “Would you look at me”
Then colored another page
In this therapeutic scene.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

3 thoughts on “color therapy”

  1. Nicola says:

    Coloring Book

    Each picture is heartbreakingly banal,
    a kitten and a ball of yarn,
    a dog and bone.
    The paper is cheap, easily torn.
    A coloring book’s authority is derived
    from its heavy black lines
    as unalterable as the ten commandments
    within which minor decisions are possible:
    the dog black and white,
    the kitten gray.
    Under the picture we find a few words,
    a title, perhaps a narrative,
    a psalm or sermon.
    But nowhere do we come upon
    a blank page where we might justify
    the careless way we scribbled
    when we were tired and sad
    and could bear no more.

    Connie Wanek

  2. meekha says:

    You know I love this one. Especially, since all I see is color and its ability to express all things. I’m a total abstract color person, I just can’t get enought of it.

    Color has the power to change things. Yet, what most people fail to realize is that color, in all of its brightness and happiness, is also dark and very gloomy (on the inside). Too bad, so sad that “we” only see what our eyes can see… leaving the inner “we” alone and cold.

    But guess what? A big splash of bright colors makes it better again. 🙂

    I also enjoyed reading Nicola’s piece… you guys are some talented people…

    BUT, it’s hard to find someone who can top your word arrangement, use, and flow. You’re blessed.


  3. spook says:

    As I sit in the middle of my bed contemplating red or blue?

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