I was in a car accident today. No one was hurt. No one human that is. My car (if it could speak) would dispute through a broken grill and bent hood that a crushed bumper is less than okay.

The cause of the accident – a sudden stopping woman in front of me. The light was green. GREEN! It seems someone took an illegal left turn in front of her and rather than proceeding cautiously on her right turn, she slammed on brakes. So did I. After I ran into her.

I called the police and the officer (who was very nice) told me that the state of Georgia deems me to be entirely at fault. Now I have a citation, a court date, and a less than pretty car. It does NOT feel like Kennsday today.

Well, at least I’m not hurt. My body that is. I suspect my wallet will be in reconstructive surgery for the next couple of months. I am calm and seething with a feeling of injustice at once.

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One thought on “crash”

  1. meekha says:

    DANG!!! That totally sucks! But, like you said… at least no humans (including yourslef) was hurt. Yes, your pockets will have to do some adjusting over the next couple of months, but at least you have pockets, wallet, etc… that can be adjusted. AND… at least your body and her body is still here and functioning.

    Sometimes, things hit us to through us off and it will if we allow it to. I call that the “keeping me on my toes” type of life obstacles… haha.

    Your day will move along just fine and just as bright as long as you continue to shine and see the light. 🙂

    Now, I know you are talking about me under your breath, or outloud since I’m not there…. hahaha… and guess what? I DON’T CARE!

    BUTTTTT – That is a messed up way to start a morning.


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