eighteen years ago

18 years ago on January 19, 1994, I was a brand new Dad to a drooling, yellow-faced, tiny-toed little boy. My namesake was both a blessing and another chance to get it right. Before he was old enough to do much more than eat and poop and cry (sometimes in that order), he taught me something extraordinary – how to love unconditionally.

Kenneth Christopher Bivins II, Dad loves you more today than yesterday. You mean more to me than you can begin to fathom. While you aspire to great things tomorrow, I am proud of you today. I and the world celebrate you. You’ve been making a difference since 1994. Happy Birthday, Kenn II.

P.S. – Just because you’re 18 and (almost) the same height as me, don’t think you’re grown. Yet. I love you.

Kenn Bivins II, age 2, drooling

Kenn Bivins II, age 6, styling

Kenn Bivins II, age 17, dancing?

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  1. Katina says:

    Awe! How sweet! Love the pics. Wish 2.0 a Happy Birthday from us Fergusons 🙂

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