Cordon off the area
Secure the halls
There’s honey on the floor
Sugar on the walls
There’s flowers in a vase
Rose petals on the bed
Bathtub full of milk
And someone has lost his head
Aromatic candles flicker soft
No light switch can be found
The silence is suspicious
Wait, there is a subtle sound
Heartbeats or footsteps
Or bodies falling down steps
Ambient, rhythmic moaning
Thrust into the depths
No body nor a weapon
Nor motive for suspense
Yet someone’s been affected
By the preponderance of evidence.

kenn ’05

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

3 thoughts on “evidence”

  1. Breathless says:

    Well, what can I say?
    The evidence is overwhelming…

    I love how this piece is so descriptive. Highly visual in nature, the entire time I felt myself walking down
    that dark candlelit hallway gathering all of this evidence waiting to find…well the obvious.

    For some reason right now I’m thinking of The Shield…oh that’s right! I’m ALWAYS

  2. Breathless says:

    thinking of The Shield… (oops, got a little excited!).

  3. nicola says:

    Or bodies falling down steps….

    I knew that trick wouldn’t work,
    Attempting to balance myself on the hallway banister.
    Down she goes. (LOL)

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