Father’s Day and beyond

The sentimental differences between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are as stark as life and death.

There! I said it.

It troubles me that the standard in America seems to be that we worship our mothers while it’s acceptable and normal to criticize our fathers. And if we’re not criticizing them outright, we emasculate them softly by finding it necessary to remind them of their roles of responsibility and leadership. Grown men need to be reminded of what God called them to do? When was the last time we reminded a mother to breastfeed her child? When was the last time we called for mothers to be more responsible to the family?

I know. I know. In our society, far too many men have run from their roles as dads. Those are the bad apples but when did a few bad apples define what an apple tastes like? I know many men who are good parents. Period.

My father was absent most of my childhood and when he was around, his absent presence did more harm than good. I’ve determined to be the opposite – the dad that I always wanted. To me, there is both a semantic and emotional difference between the titles of father and dad. A father seeds a child and bears the responsibility of taking care of her. A dad does that and additionally has a relationship with his child. The title, dad, evokes images of a child sitting in his or her dad’s lap.

I encourage those men who play the constant role of ‘parent’ to their children. I encourage those good dads who’s ill fate is to share the same title with deadbeat dads fathers. I encourage those men who are parents, simply stated. Just like our mothers, we need you and are thankful for you. Father’s Day is observed this weekend.

If you’re a father but haven’t quite been a dad, maybe it’s not too early – or late – to start today. Happy Father’s Day in advance.

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2 thoughts on “Father’s Day and beyond”

  1. Katina says:

    “when did a few bad apples define what an apple tastes like”….you know it’s way more than “a few” right? You know I’m all for honoring dads, but I don’t think it is fair to imply that dads somehow make up the majority of men with children. Especially when you break it down by demographics “our people” rank REAL low in the tally for “dads”. That is partially the reason why it is important to honor the dads on Fathers Day….

    It’s easier to criticize the men because they’re usually responsible for less than half of the burden of raising the kids…and most have juvenile (self-centered) reasons why they can’t come through with their share. I guess what I’m saying is that people aren’t picking on fathers just to pick on them…father’s generate more than enough fuel for the fire that burns them. It is also the reason why mother’s are criticized less…some mothers have to do everything…so when breast feeding doesn’t fit in the million-and-one task list no one is inclined to ride her about it. Unlike with the men, dead beat mothers don’t make up a majority of women with children…and I would even say that a dead-beat mother is judged far more harshly in society than a dead-beat dad. They are glared at, hissed at, their inadequacies are the towns gossip, the courts practically piss on them and eventually the shame of her actions spill over on her mother. Why? Well for some reason they “expect it” from the father, but you? The Mother??? Oh no! You’re below scum by the time you’ve earned the label of dead-beat mother.

    Either way, Dads are hard to come by so I agree with you…THEY should be honored…and not just on Father’s Day.

  2. tiffany says:

    Spencer is BEYOND cute in this picture…its so great because it makes me want to know the story behind the picture and imagine what was going on to make him grab at his mouth like that, or what funny thing his dad was doing to make his sons laugh. πŸ™‚

    Happy Father’s Day!

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