for once, unafraid

Some people have perfect lives. I’m not one of those anomalies or people.

There are those rare days where discouragement sneaks up on me and the hope that has been coursing through my veins has mysteriously bled out. It’s hard during that time to be positive or feel thankful without some clouded film of negativity blocking my view. As I said, I’m imperfect.

Somewhere in there, just as mysterious, a reflection, a stray word from a stranger or a friend, a prayer, or a conversation can yank me from my dismal spiral. When brought back into consciousness, I am inclined to listen to a song to mark my new found direction and lease on life. That song has often been “For Once in my Life” by Stevie Wonder.

“For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me and somehow I know I’ll be strong.”

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3 thoughts on “for once, unafraid”

  1. Shana Marie says:

    Soooooo…I say you recreate this video (I will provide the highly UNskilled back-up dancers)and post it on youtube. Get ready to leave your normal life behind for a life of Vegas and Atlantic City appearances!!!

  2. tiffany says:

    I went back and read in John where the bible text says “Jesus wept”.
    It’s the Lazarus re-telling, Lazarus of course representing or being a type
    of the church. Mary and Martha and many others came to Jesus many times
    begging Him to come and heal and save Lazarus, yet Jesus tarried. Not only
    did he tarry but He let Lazarus lay dead for four days to the point of rot
    and decay…more so Jesus says so that the glory of God may be made manifest.
    Jesus says to Martha “Did I not say to you if you would believe you would
    see the glory of God?” I HAVE to hold onto my faith and the love of God, that
    in a world that lies dead and stinking, that I will yet see the glory of God if I believe. That really is it, it’s not about being “a good person” or so much about sin, as it really is about walking in Love and who endures to the end.


  3. kenn says:

    Shana, you get the dancers and I’ll start scouting for the suit. It’s on!

    Tiffany, it took me a moment to see where you were coming from but you’re right. We can endure and walk unafraid because we have Someone who loves us and is faithful to the end.

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