God digger

Faith licker, finger pricker, blood thicker, pull trigger, click clicka
Run Bigger run nigga, dirt kicker, mortis rigor, faith sicker, God digger.


How can I concatenate to He?
Dossier of my prior won’t let me be
Judged and tried and can’t pay the fee
Then suddenly released on a technicality


A loophole and prophecies thrice said
A bruised heel crushes a wicked head
To win His bride, He obediently shed
God dredge. It is written. Jesus said.


Vampire hunters just bear it
Followers of heresy just swear it
Thugged-out rappers just wear it
The homeless mission just Jesus Cares” it
Do they dig it though? Can you dig it?


The cross the cross the old rugged cross
I’m not saying she’s a God digger. Her loss.


© 2006 kenn Bivins

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.