Symmetry is but skin deep and I’m in a sentimental mood
Kaleidoscopes and Coltrane and the serendipity of you
Intoxicated ramblings drunk from the elixir of your dew
Never said I was so sinless but I am an heir of a great Jew

Some say that the crop is considered from the root
Some say the fool is wisest when he’s mute
Some say that I am a man of good repute
I say your skin makes me wonder of your fruit.

Nerve endings and oil glands and blood vessels do compose
And collagen and elastin and goose bumps when youre cold
I love your skin and the fruit within if I may be so spry and bold
And this love, dear Dove still stays above when gravity wins the fold

Some say beauty is skin deep from the tooth
Some say my unannounced Dove looks a lot like you
Some say what’s within is worth declaring all the truth
Your vellum dermis casing skin it lovingly announces… YOU.

© 2006 kenn bivins

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

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  1. tomeekha says:

    I like this one, too.

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