I think it’s awesome that one of my favorite mugs (though it’s been dropped and shattered to pieces and glued back together) through a scarred face can remind me of a simple edict – grow.

Thanks, mug-that-I-blogged-about-that-one-time. I do believe I will.


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2 thoughts on “grow”

  1. Shana Marie says:

    Someone once told me that you never ‘grow Up’, that would indicate that there is some type of goal or end point of life at a certain aged…My personal goal…grow younger and wiser every day!!!

  2. kenn says:

    Absolutely! I know a lot of people who have arrived at the “up” of their lives and I never want to grow there. I want to be always growing. Whether that’s wiser or with more childlike wonderment or even like some nebulous, plasma-powered, giant Kenn with laser eyes, I will grow.

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