Insomnia has become my mistress tonight
Am I the only one she has left alive?
Darkness as sheets covering millions who lie
Me, I can no longer fathom the day from the night

Thoughts of my past and my now and to come
It’s the past that has shaped me of what I now sum
I’m heavy and burdened and she won’t let me sleep
I don’t recall asking her over for a nightcap or tea

My sons and my friends and those who barely missed the mark
They haunt me as ghosts as shadows in the dark
My phone is not speaking but I query anyway
It never suffers silence like this during the day

Insomnia wont leave me as if she’s some hesitant cur
The lines twixt imagination and reality are in post stages of blur
Thoughts rage past me and circle seven times
Leaving me crumpled in corners and opposite the sublime

And kings and queens don’t regard how my story will end
I wonder who will read it and will it sell more than ten
The screams of traffic are muted and all colors are grayed
The tether that once held me is now thinning and frayed

Alcohol or pills or distraction numbs her touch
But I resist the lure to trade a mistress for a dime store slut
So eventually she will tire of me and leave me be
And let me sleep and tire of me be and soon I’ll dream and…

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

One thought on “insomnia”

  1. tiff says:

    Ahh the tragicomedy that is my life. Insomnia my most true and faithful lover has come to
    be with me again tonight. As I lay thrashing, battling darkness and sheets. Eureka Vaccum!
    Kenn, my fellow non sleeper is blogging every day in June, let us go see what he has posted. I jump from my bed, ok, stumble drowsly as if drunk, rush to the computer and…Behold. There’s a post about our mutual affliction. So now with the thoughts that rage, slowly muting into gray, the tether that holds doesn’t seem quite so thin and frayed. In peace and silence let me tire and sleep, perchance, soon I’ll dream and…

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