kids these days…

Kenn Bivins II, not to be confused with his much older father (me), has been nominated for homecoming court at Campbell High School. That’s right. The Second Coming of Kenn has been nominated for homecoming king and will be featured in the pre-Homecoming Game parade on Friday, September 30, 2011, before the revelation of the homecoming king and queen for the Class of 2012. Exciting stuff.

Kids these days have some much more opportunity than I did, but before I start down that path and start sounding like some 41-year old coot, let me say that I am extremely proud of my son. He is charismatic and his peers love him. Whether he snags the final vote or not doesn’t matter. The honor bestowed on him by his classmates is amazing in and of itself. He’s definitely improving on the Kenn Bivins brand. Here’s to the Class of 2012!!

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2 thoughts on “kids these days…”

  1. tiffany says:

    Congratulations kenn2.0, that’s kenntastic! Having had brief glimpses of your life through your father’s
    eyes/blog these last few years…i’m not the least bit surprised. You are definitely one of the koolkids.

  2. Katina says:

    @Kenn Great news! As always, I smile when I read the praises your post about your kids. I’m happy for them, and for you to have great kids to share your life with 🙂

    @Tiffany….had no idea you were fluent in Kennglish! *high five* 😀

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