love is in the Air

The baby’s out with the bath water
The recorder’s set to resume
All is fair in love and war
While the loving ends too soon

Misery loves company
While euphoria sleeps alone
Love is in air they say
But gravity brings that love home

I fall to pieces
And those pieces bring me peace
For it is the mars that have made me
Lately I’m not losing too much sleep

Requiem for heartbreak
Penance for taking a chance
Celebration for starting over
Yet broken from trusting again

‘Never’ means whenever
And ‘forever’ means to wait
‘Whatever’ is uncaring
‘I loved her’ seals my fate

Horsemen and the king’s men
Mathematicians and a muse
Couldn’t repair the jigsaw
Couldn’t reconnect the fuse

What’s this obsession with falling?
Who will bear my pall?
Don’t you have a fear of flying?
And what will break your fall?

Let the chips fall where they may
While the room and roof caves in
Pride usually falls soon after
Fall afoul, fall over, fall in

Heels are over head now
Idle hands are in the shop
Blood need a coagulant
And this falling has to stop

Love is in the air again
No wonder she don’t call
Leaves are in the wind again
I’ve always loved the Fall.


Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

5 thoughts on “love is in the Air”

  1. spook says:

    ‘Never’ means whenever
    And ‘forever’ means to wait
    ‘Whatever’ is uncaring
    ‘I loved her’ seals my fate


  2. tiff says:

    It goes beyond words just how lovely and beautiful your words are.I desire to say more but my words seem so inadequate…I can only feel.

  3. Erika says:

    Emotions ran rather deep on this one because I know the feeling all too well but I love it just the same. Beautiful…….

  4. Nancia says:

    King Kenn, this was beautiful! I think this is my favorite…… you are truly talented!!! Smiles:)

  5. Shannon says:


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