musclebound – a venting

I think that if I’m nice to some stranger, he will reciprocate. Too often I’m reminded of how naive I may be in that thinking. Today I spoke to a group of obviously gay fellows in passing and got cold stares for my efforts. I wanted to pause and say something to one guy in particular who seemed to have the most disgust for my jovial greeting (I guess gay doesn’t mean happy). Instead I wrote about it. Enjoy my vent.


Muscle-bound black and brown
No hairline with just a frown
Hail midtown
On the low be down
Pants around the ankles
Tips touch the ground
Ripped and round
Free yet bound
I said, Hi – he look around
Dude be rude
Ain’t no excuse
You all collude
Provoke this muse
Walk around
Self-loathe confound
No eye contact
No gimme a pound
Not a sound
Broken crown
Swish and swish
As fox to hound
I’ll verb your noun
I’ll loose your wound
I’ll flat your mound
I’ll help you drown
You muscle-bound
Black and brown
Low be down
Insolent clown.

(c) 2006 kenn bivins

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One thought on “musclebound – a venting”

  1. tomeekha says:

    Nice way to vent.

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