…and then there are MY heroes

I love these (not-so-little-anymore) guys.

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5 thoughts on “…and then there are MY heroes”

  1. Sam I Am says:

    Why…. is that a mohawk 🙂 Cool. They are a growin’.

  2. kenn says:

    a faux-hawk actually 🙂

  3. tiff says:

    Your sons are very, very cute Kenn. ‘ Handsome Heroes’.
    And their style is stoopid fresh. Rockin the old skool chucks,
    and I love, love the faux-hawk, my nephews have them too.

    This ex-Punk Rock Chick used to sport a mohawk. Ahh callow youth,
    one looks back one those days fondly, or not : )

  4. Nancia says:

    They grow so fast!!! I’m feeling ya King Kenn. Smiles-Nancia

  5. tasha says:

    look at these handsome young men. they really dont stay babies for long. enjoy them everyday.

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