Touch your toes,
Bend your knees,
Prostrate yourself
And pray for peace.

Relax your arms
To your side,
Drop your weapons
And your pride.

Widen your eyes,
Close your mouth,
Put others first,
Do without.

Feel the burn,
Catch your breath,
You can do it,
Ask for help.

Stretch your arms,
Shift your hips,
Speak your heart,
Through confident lips.

Do three reps
Every dawn
With your favorite
Dance tune on.

Arch your back,
Praise like trees,
Prostrate yourself
And pray for peace.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

5 thoughts on “peace”

  1. nicola says:

    You done done it again.
    (passing the offering plate around,you need a offering for this one.)

  2. Breathless says:

    And a one, and a two….
    whew! what a great workout!
    You know I love this piece.
    Thanks for posting this one and
    “speaking your heart through positive lips”

  3. meekha says:

    Nice flow. As always, I love your writing.

  4. eterne says:

    My eyes open up to the ceiling.
    My eyes open up to God.

    Pacing in patterns, or am I dancing
    a figure eight. Warring.
    In the spirit. My spirit. Holy Spirit.

    My eyes open up to the ceiling.
    My eyes open up to God.

    –Blessed Comforter bringing perfect Peace.

  5. nicola says:

    Shift your hips…
    Arch your back…..

    Ummm, I like this exercise(teeehee)

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