Pious, a website by Kenn Bivins

Pious, a novel by Kenn Bivins (that’s me), will be debuting soon and to create tingly-pee-down-your-leg excitement, I’m happy to announce the debut of Pious, a website by Kenn Bivins.

There will be a LOT more added to the site as the release date draws nearer but in the meantime enjoy the tasty nuggets that are there now such as… the first chapter of Pious, the complete music playlist to accompany the reading of Pious, a synopsis, and a bio of yours truly. Are you feeling tingly yet?

Pious, a website by Kenn Bivins

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2 thoughts on “Pious, a website by Kenn Bivins”

  1. Lyn Marie says:

    I am peeing as I type! LOL! 🙂

  2. Shana says:

    I am at once confused and amused by the picture to the right…but the 40 picture is extra hot!!! Love it Man

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