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Pious is “selling like hotcakes everywhere!” I love that phrase but I’ve always wondered if there is really such a demand for hotcakes that people are stampeding to their local breakfast locales for golden stacks of buttery, syrup-soaked goodness. Hmmm. Maybe they are but I digress. PIOUS is not a short stack of hotcakes but it is deliciously gaining more national notoriety as well as appearing in more Barnes & Noble locations in the metro Atlanta area.

The Edgewood store is the latest location where I spotted copies of Pious in the Literature & Fiction section, in addition to the more prominent Local Authors section. If you’re in the Edgewood/ Little Five Points area, treat yourself to a novel about a man who is confronted with all that he has tried to hide of his past when a registered sex-offender moves into his neighborhood.

Even if you’re not in the area, you can still get your own copy of PIOUS at your local book seller. Ask your it by name. PIOUS is also now available for the Barnes & Noble nook.

Barnes & Noble Edgewood Retail District
1217 Caroline Street at Moreland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30307

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