since 1970 (an open letter to my friends)

since 1970

Dearest and beloved, it’s been a matter of busied hours and circumstance for which I have not been able to communicate as succinct as I would have preferred, but inevitable destiny abounds as this transmission reaches you now. Know this. Your existence coupled with your presence means a lot to me. Your availability and support humble me. You mean more than you can know and I’m thankful you are here.

I am elated and reflective right now on this first of June 1. Where I started and where I am today are on almost opposite sides of the spectrum. My life has witnessed many failures that have ultimately lead to many successes. I dwell on how life means so much to me now wherein once upon a time, I was far from impressed with its offerings. Looking back gives me greater reason to move forward with purpose. And again you make the difference.

Since 1970, I have shared words and love and oxygen with you. Thank you for your wishes, kinds words, grace and forgiveness. I love you, friends, family, foes and foreign. I love you madly.

Here’s to more hours, days and years.



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7 thoughts on “since 1970 (an open letter to my friends)”

  1. Nancia says:

    Hit you in the heart!! Happy Birthday King Ken! Nancia

  2. eterne says:

    A Love Affair…with Jesus.

    It quickens my heart.

  3. ksolo says:

    what a wonderful gift and a finely aged spirit u are….

  4. cdrogers says:

    Aww 2Ns, you are “loved madly” too. 🙂

  5. meek says:

    Wow!!! this should go inside of a card. Wonderful write. I can’t wait for the book. Nice reflective that is felt from all that reads it.

  6. crayons says:

    Sniff…sniff… Love you too (grabbing my tissue)

  7. Sunflower&Apostrophes says:

    Again, solidifying one of my original thoughts that you are amazing!

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