Anyone who knows me, knows that I love words. I love learning new ones and finding the perfect opportunity to amaze my friends by flexing my vocab skills in casual conversation. Some words present greater difficulty in use, such as that time I attempted the unveiling of “cornucopia.” I learned that some words just can’t be used in the checkout line at Walmart without drawing blank stares… but I digress.

Free Online Dictionary is one of the online resources that I use to build my vocabulary and the word for today is “snigger.” Yeah, I know. I immediately thought there had to be an issue of a typo or something so I click over to a couple of other online dictionaries to see if this is an actual word. To my surprise, it is.

snig·ger – a sly or disrespectful laugh, esp one partly stifled. Perhaps an alteration of snicker.

So what is my point? Learning new words is fun – and sometimes offensive but never stop learning. And to keep the fun flowing and to cause you to snigger, go on over to Free Dictionary, click on the British flag (as in the screenshot below) and listen. I’m thinking the lady is not really British. She sounds like one of my angry friends that is always mad at some dude name Tyrone.

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