Among the many roles that I fill, the one I’m most proud of is being a dad. Dads don’t get the respect that they deserve in our society. The media depicts them as absent, bumbling idiots, clueless, soulless or absent. Yeah, I said absent twice.

So, when I see a dad present in a movie or a commercial where he’s basking in a positive light, I take notice. I go so far as to cheer it and celebrate it.

This Tide commercial shows a child lying peacefully, resting on his dad’s chest. This picture alone has so much story behind it. I’m in no way endorsing the product of Tide, but I am endorsing dads everywhere who show up. Go, Dad!

Also, if you’re digging the music like I do, the artist who is singing is Cait La Dee and the song is entitled “Take Me Home.” Listen to the whole song here.

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6 thoughts on “splen-dad”

  1. Katina Ferguson says:


    One of my friends opened my eyes to the “bumbling idiot” part as well (lol). After he said it, that’s when I noticed that Dads in commercials are oblivious to the fact they don’t know how to fix the appliance they are trying to fix. They are completely baffled when they come home and dinner is not on the table (help! How does one cook dinner???) and they SWEAR they’ve muscled a sales person into getting the family a deal something, unaware that the “deal” is offered to everyone. smh.

  2. jynxx says:

    Love it! You are so right! So little words while saying so much. I wish more people/ things in life were like that lol! Shout out to all the great dads and men of valor! 🙂

  3. Tanisha Rankins says:

    As a daddy’s girl, I understand and appreciate the love of my dad immensely! You’re right they don’t get enough credit. If you don’t believe it, just look at the options presented on Father’s Day. There were fewer Father’s Day cards for men, than their were Father’s Day cards for mom:( But Kudos to you for bringing awareness to it and taking the time to say more about it. My favorite daddy commercial is the one where the father is helping his little girl practice for cheerleading in the apartment complex. It’s an old one, but good one nonetheless. I’m going to share this post and rep out all the great dads that I can think of in it, as well.

  4. Maryann says:

    I started noticing how dads and men in general are portrayed in the media after a conversation with a couple of friends who have sons. And the conversation went past television and commercials to how they boys are treated in school sometimes. As grateful as I am to live in a society where women can “have it all,” we need to be really careful to not marginilize boys in the process. Let’s teach all of our kids how to be active, successful adults – show good role models to all of them, not just the girls!

    1. kenn says:

      Tis true, Maryann. Spread the word. Let’s set the standard higher for this new generation of dads coming around the corner.

  5. Dad's Law says:

    Exactly, so rarely are dads shown in a positive manner on tv.

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