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Nas & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives

Nas and Damian Marley released a new collaboration, Distant Relatives, today and I haven’t enjoyed an album this much in quite a while. Production, lyrics, heart, and all around positive vibes – I ‘m loving this one enough to urge you to buy it for yourself. Click here to sample some of the songs. Check out these lyrics of Damian’s from the track entitled, “Strong Will Continue.” This stuff is amazing.

“No man live for ever
but never say never
every goody want better
just be a go getter
and always be clever
in every endeavor
now trust in thy god
for drastic measure
your birthright to pleasure
from your naval swing severed
the land and the treasure
work for whatever
just say don’ be a beggar
the alpha omega
well bless every soul
no matter which you name prefer
the immortal stepper
we live in every skin
no matter which color, letter
we never let way don’t no care which kinda weather
your destined to rise like the son of Rebecca
don’t stop for a second
every man reckon
it sure would be good to be there
whether Zion or Mecca
when the gates are finally closed
and the saints go marching in.”

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