my nephew is Teufelhunden (Devil Dog)

A bit over 12 weeks ago, my beloved nephew and namesake, Christopher Rousseau, began his first day of basic training with the United States Marine Corps in Parris Island, SC. Who would have guessed that this little dude who was born two months premature would one day stand as one of the “few good men” to defend our country.

This past weekend, I made a trek to Parris Island to see him graduate (Platoon 2077, H Company, 2nd Battalion) from the most challenging basic training known to the armed services with a few other amazingly brave young men (the women graduate this coming weekend).

My nephew is now “teufelhunden” or Devil Dog as the Germans in 1918 called Marines referring to the fierce, fighting dogs of legendary origin. Semper Fi, Christopher! Unk-Kenn is SO proud of you.

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4 thoughts on “my nephew is Teufelhunden (Devil Dog)”

  1. Sam I Am says:

    Watch out there now!

  2. James Tomasino says:

    Congratulations, Christopher. Great work and good luck.

  3. tiff says:

    Semper Fi Marine!

    What an awesome, amazing and gigantic accomplishment Christopher. Congratulations!!!

    You and your platoon will be in my prayers.

  4. mark t mcelhinney says:

    Semper Fi teufelhundenā€¯ my on is with the 3/6
    thank you for your service and god bless

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