that’s what she said

This configuration of barbed wire, ambitions, and intentions
Draw out new adversaries where there should be rest
And sleeplessness is my only companion
I aspire while trying to inspire
My voice is a weak puff of air
Yet I know that I’m heard
If even so slightly
But sometimes,
It’s hard.

Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

3 thoughts on “that’s what she said”

  1. James Tomasino says:

    I think the one of the most inspiring things about you is that you are so indefatigable. Even with a “weak puff of air” your voice is clear and encouraging. Your post-a-day challenge this month is yet another example of that. Tenacity and perserverance are exceptional strengths.

    And yes, that IS what she said.

    1. kenn says:

      Thank you kindly, James. For once, I had to look up a word with no idea what it meant.
      Indefatigable not yielding to fatigue.

      You honor me with your presence brother. That’s what I said.

  2. Max Reddick says:

    “My voice is a weak puff of air/Yet I know that I’m heard/If even so slightly/But sometimes,/It’s hard”

    Story of my life summed up right there.

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