ugliness of beauty

Mirror mirror, am I the one?
Change your hair, see the sun
Fix your nose, be more fun
Get ‘er done, get ‘er done.

Mother mother, am I a prince?
Stand up straight, fix your tint
Read more books for recompense
When you’re fair, this’ll make more sense

Father father, am I a model?
Be a doctor, win the lotto
Are you a model? don’t be so shallow
Write a book, endorse a motto

Brother sister, are you proud of me?
Well it depends, can I borrow three?
And at 4am will you make me free?
You sellout house-negro wannabe

Mirror mirror, see my tears?
Shards and blood and seven years
This fascination with beauty confirms my fears
Time for a veer and God is near.


Published by kenn

author. developer. illustrator. Renaissance man.

2 thoughts on “ugliness of beauty”

  1. spook says:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Please catch me before I fall.

    Make this pain go away,
    Help me see another day.

  2. Breathless says:

    Mirror, Mirror
    You write like me….
    We share so many similarities.

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