Verily verily verily my keyboard articulates
On obligatory meanderings of responsibility and reprobates
Talks hollow, cynics shallow, and mass liabilities to America’s fate
Ever-present misgoverning and opportunists seem to propagate

Vagina’s choice and a minor’s voice and a taxpayer’s hope on which to exploit
Omnivorous indiscretions of politicians and the media is not more than white noise
These treacherous outcomes can be contradicted if only you’ll hoist and
Elect or cast or poll or… use your voice.

Please vote.

*nice informative site here. thanks, James!

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One thought on “vote”

  1. tiff says:

    I am the most important voter in the country right now! Well me and Joe Plummer. LOL. No republican has won the White House without Ohio since the sixties and really no candidate can win, red or blue ,without Ohio. And you can’t win Ohio without winning Hamilton county…of which Cincy is smack dab in the middle of. The candidates basically all live here…do they even bother to campaign in Georgia? You should see the Obama campaign office here there are volunteers from all over the country trying to win this very, very conservative, republican county for him. One woman at a meeting on Monday said she hasn’t seen so many people fired up! since the McCarthy campaign! They are calling it The Hunt For a Blue November…with only 13 hours to save the world on the 4th. I do hope that America chooses to be on the right side of History. As they say in Chicago…vote early and often. LOL.

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