what the Stimulus Bill has for everyday Americans

If you’re like most Americans (and Congress), you haven’t read the 1071 page Stimulus Bill that President Obama is likely to sign early this week. This will impact our future for the next three or more generations, people! Insomnia forced me to read through a good bit myself but here is a quick look for those who don’t want to have to filter through all of the stuff that has nothing to do with “change you can believe in.” Read What The Stimulus Bill Has For Everyday Americans and tell me what you think.

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7 thoughts on “what the Stimulus Bill has for everyday Americans”

  1. Erika says:

    I have mixed feeling about this “Stimulus Bill”, yes it will impact our generation and others to come. I give Obama an “A” for effort but whom really is benefiting from this package (a small percentage I am sure).

    First of all $13 more in your pocket a week BUT starting in June, so roughly $52 more a month. Most of that will go to gas or groceries…lol

    Second the Cobra plan… now 65% subsized by government is still not enough because the cost for Cobra is RIDICULOUS so if you have no job and you don’t qualify for unemployment..then what.

    Third a tax credit for those who brought a house in 2009…lol who could have done that with people not being able to get loans. Why not reward those who have houses now, who got them the right way and are paying their mortages on time.

    I could go on and on but yes I have issues with this bill….

  2. kenn. says:

    I have issues too. “A” for effort? No way! The bill was pushed through before anyone could even review it. And it was purely a Democrat bill. What happened to this being a nonpartisan bill? And the additional money in our pocket will not even be felt because of the inevitable inflation that will be caused by the decision made months ago to print more money. I’m certain we’ll be spending more this year rather than saving. I think Congress failed us on this one but I would love to be proven wrong 🙂

  3. Erika says:

    Yikes…. I was only trying to be somewhat positive with the “A” for effort statement……lol. I think a lot of people would like to be proven wrong….

  4. Lyn Marie says:

    This bill was not a Democratic biil. Obama made many compromises with the Republicans. He wanted more money for jobs stimulus, more money for people utilizing federal programs like food stamps, he also had more money aimed at health care for children and pell grants but the Republicans said they would not sign on if Democrats didn’t reduces the amounts. They (democrats) did and Obama did (after meeting with republicans several times), they still didn’t sign on. The bill is meant to help state governements with the funds they need to continue to operate as well as provide some relief to individuals. California is a perfect example of what can happen if a state does not generate enough money to work. Obama does desire an A for effort, he made the effort to meet the Republicans half way and they spit on him. They can only discuss tax cuts. Tax cuts did not stimulate the economy long term for George Bush (it lasted about 6 months) why would he continue a policy that hasn’t work for the past eight years? Tax cuts bring a return of about $1.12 spent, while public works projects bring about $1.50 to $1.75 of a return to our overall economy and even more to the states. I have not heard any other suggestions from any other party that gave an alternative. It easy to down the plan that was approved but I haven’t heard of any suggestions from the Republicans or anyone on a better plan.

  5. kenn. says:

    It may have been a compromise from what Obama originally wanted but I find it difficult to see that it wasn’t a Democrat bill when no Republicans voted on it. For the record, I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I’m so critical of this bill because it was promised to be non-Partisan (which is what all Americans need right now).

    Other suggestions? I’m not a financial analyst but I can add and subtract. Perhaps a temporary tax sabbatical would have changed the spending behaviors of American individuals. I’m not sure how that would help states since they’re in a deficit though.

    Again, I would love to be proven wrong. I hope this is the beginning of a long repair to our nation.

  6. tiff says:

    I will ring in…In the 1980’s Japan did exactly what we did with wild land speculation that led to a huge financial bubble in the 1990’s their “lost decade”. So they then spent 10 years throwing money at the problem on public works projects and building up their infrastructure and none of it worked. It was not until they went against public sentiment and nationalized the banks that they started on the road to recovery from a long deep recession. Its going to take the govt. taking over the banks to stabilize the financial sector…and it looks like that’s going to happen any day now, starting with Citibank. The stimulus package will help but its like putting a bandaid on a large gaping wound.

    I don’t understand the national anger about bailing out the people that got us in this mess, where was the the outrage about the greed and “fast money” while it was happening…no we were just making stupid shows like “Flip This House” popular as we all hoped to get a piece of the pie. We are all culpable in this mess and we are all going to have to pay for it…and accept that our way of life is changing. We stand at the crossroads and we have to make the decision if we are still going to have that “whats in it for me” mentality or make our decisions based on what’s good for us all.

    Its all moot anyway…while we focus on this mess China is now buying treasury bonds and lending money to all the oil producing nations like Russia, Brazil and Dubai, in return for their guarantee of supplying them with oil…making them beholden to them just like they did to us. China is THE emerging next great super power. Alas, all “great” nations fall…its just our turn.

  7. Lyn Marie says:

    Tiff I agree, great point!
    We currently owe China BILLIONS of dollars in loans taken out during the Bush admin. The United States is the teenager among much older counties and just like a teenager we think we have all the answers and don’t want to face the consequences of over extending ourselves.

    I don’t understand the anger about nationalizing the banks either.

    Part of the “lost decade” was due to the slow responce of the Japanese government which is why Barack wanted to move so quickly on the stimulus bill. The stimulus bill is going to take 6-18 months before we see any return. Again I have to say no other party or group has made any suggestions so we need to back someone that may not have a perfect solution but at least we’re trying to fix the problem.

    We do need to more WE and less ME! 🙂

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